Bursting With Flavour.

A Modern Twist on Well Loved Classics

Crispy, Crispy and Crispy! Succulent Breast of Irish Chicken Coated in a devilishly crisp yet light batter, Seasoned to perfection in our secret combination of asian spices and tossed in a searing hot wok with crispy fried chips.

We Honor Tradition.

Our Aromatic Duck is marinated the traditional Chinese way. The same way it has been done for generations in China. This marinating process creates the perfect conditions for the skin to get perfectly crispy while we slow roast it while keeping the duck meat on the inside moist and juicy. Perfect served with traditionally steamed pancakes, fresh veggies and of course a rich hoisin sauce.

Have you Tasted the fire?

Our Head Chef expertly infusing the perfect balance of spice and flame into our tender prime fillet of beef strips. Have you Tried the Amber Fire Steak Yet? We Know you’ll love it.